Craven Creek Essays - Walt Gasson Signed Copy!

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Autographed copy of Craven Creek a collection of essays by Walt Gasson

Former WWF executive director and master storyteller Walt Gasson has made a limited number of signed copies of his new book available to us, with proceeds from the sale to support our work.

Walt says, “The title of this collection of stories comes from an insignificant little creek near the tiny community of Opal, Wyoming. Our family ranch straddled Craven Creek, and it was the headquarters for the Gasson family sheep outfit. Frankly, neither the creek nor the ranch was much of a going concern. There are thousands of creeks like it across the American West. And there are thousands of families like ours. But taken collectively, we are the people of this hard country. And when we get together at a birthday party or a branding or in an elk camp, we tell stories – stories like these.”